The Hustle, Prospective Seller Journal

~ Last Updated, March 16, 2021

Hello, Fellow Squeezers:

We learned a lot in 2020 and have much more to learn in 2021. Let's get started.

In this Journal

+ The numbers.

+ 2020 lessons learned for 2021 success.

+ Significant partnerships.

+ Now onboarding new sellers!

+ F&E now offers weekly delivery.

+ Fancy, faster new site.

+ Now seeking food trucks!

+ In-person markets? Yes? No?

By the numbers

  • The average customer sale was $120 per order.

  • Customer retention rate was well over 80% month to month.

  • Given our repeat customers, newly added and/or seasonal products sold better than those more routinely available.

Lessons learned

  • Our one-stop shop with pickup was crazy popular. Although we created F&E Markets to give sellers the greatest amount of flexibility in completing their own fulfillment, customers sought opportunities to purchase and pickup from many sellers in one transaction via our F&E organized pickup days. In May, we started with Linden Hills in South Mpls. Then in October we added a second pickup in Northeast Mpls.

  • Sellers all agreed. Online sales provided remarkable time and cost savings over farmers' markets, and with data comes power. After 9 months we know our customers and can prove they love us. With this new level of understanding comes the ability to directly promote popular products and identify new sellers to meet our customer's needs. With this, we are now onboarding new sellers! This opportunity is limited, and competition has been fierce. Apply today and keep reading to learn about those sellers and products our customers are seeking.

  • This fall we identified BrightSide Produce, a 501c3 organization, as a fruit and vegetable partner. While they will not supplant local growers, they allow equitable and organic sourcing for those must have items not grown here. BrightSide keeps our customers returning, and provides something that most farmer's markets can't offer. Read more about BrightSide's important mission >>

Looking ahead

  • As of Sunday, March 14 we've discontinued pickup and are now exclusively offering doorstep delivery. We are serving 13 zip codes, primarily in Mpls, and anticipate adding more in the week's ahead. Many more thousands of customers will be reached this way, and sellers are excited. As usual, the order window closes Thursday midnight, and purchases are collated into a single Sunday delivery. The cost to customers is just $5. Read more >>

  • In anticipation of this new service to sellers we delayed launching our 2021 application and membership tiers. As usual, sellers must submit their permit, insurance and MN ST 19 form annually to F&E for review via our application. Once accepted, sellers will select the tier that works best for their business.

  • To take full advantage of our new delivery service, we've launched a faster, more robust, and way more functional customer-facing site >> There is more seller functionality, including; streamlined tutorials, subscriptions and recurring orders, the ability to bundle multiple products into one, and lots more >>

  • We've asked and customers responded. Now seeking sellers of:

  • milk, dairy products, vegan foods, gluten-free foods, teas, micro greens, juices and smoothies, baby foods, nuts and nut butters, salsas, hot sauces, fish and seafood, specialty cuts of lamb, beef and chicken, fermented foods, pickles and jams, fine pastries, custom cakes, artisan breads, meal kits, frozen foods, popcorn, culinary oils, beauty products, seeds, candles, and house and bedding plants.

  • We are now accepting food trucks for placement in South Minneapolis. We've slots available now through the fall. Apply, then book here >>

  • Yes, F&E is looking forward to in-person markets this spring and summer. Currently, we are accepting applications for the Linden Hills Farmer's Market. Stall fees will remain at the 2019 pricing, but the size of the market will be reduced for the first part of the season to allow for social distancing. Making this a competitive application. We suggest applying as soon as possible, as space is going fast. Please note this application is separate from the F&E application and membership process.

Be well and eat each other's stuff. Keep squeezing, my fine friends, the lemonade won't make itself. If I can support you in any way, please reach out.


Libby Wyrum, F&E Director

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