Preparing Product Listings for Pick Up Markets

Updated: May 23

Steps to get your profiles and products ready

Below are the things you must do to participate in any LHFM Pick Up dates in May and June. 

First, if you are an approved F&E Member or an approved LHFM Vendor, you are welcome to list products and participate in all our pick up markets. It costs nothing to list, and we are waiving commissions for May. Win win, all the way around! 

Second, if you sell something that week for LHFM pick up, you’ll need to bring that product to our vendor drop off between 8AM and 9:30AM. In May and June, vendors are not on site after 9:30AM, to reduce congestion; keeping you safe. For specific info on packaging and drop off logistics, see our website >

Third, stall fees are being waived and refunded for LHFM registered vendors for the month of May and June, when you list products on the F&E Marketplace. 

To be clear, you do not need to sell on our new online store to register for the LHFM, and we will promote your site along with the F&E Marketplace (email us for more details on this). Regular LHFM stall fees will apply for those who opt out. Should you decline to participate at all, of course, we will happily refund your stall fees. If you have any questions about this, please reach out. I’m happy to work with folks to make this fair. 

Fourth, we’ve created a quick way to identify your products as being available for LHFM pick up on any given week. 

a. Go to your Seller Account. b. On your dashboard, at the PRODUCTS tab, click PRODUCT LISTINGS.  c. For each product you would like to make available for pick up, under the ACTION header click  "( . . . )" on the far right side of the screen. Then click “edit.” On On the far right side of your product listings, you’ll see COLLECTIONS. Click on each LHFM PICK UP \ {date} you would like your products to be available for. Dates are listed into July.  d. Should you decide to not participate on any given date, please click off that date.  e. Lastly, please go the marketplace, click here, and then add your product to your cart. You can then purchase that product to understand the customer experience. 

Finally, we have created an ability to upload your products via spreadsheet turned CSV file. We have listed these directions at our online seller guide. 

We are always creating new customizations to help you sell better, more easily. If we can ever help you, please let us know. We are offering free webinars this week, as well. 

Be well, 


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