March 2021 | Seller Update

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Hey, F&E-er!

We are off to the delivery races! To prepare for big promotions next week, we need sellers to read and follow the below directions. Thank you in advance!

APPLICATIONS & MEMBERSHIPS Just recently, we launched our 2021 application and memberships. These are streamlined to help businesses make the best use of online sales with options for directory, fulfillment and F&E directed delivery. Sellers are now required to complete an application, be re-approved and then select a membership.


It’s been a labor, sometimes of love. The goal being to professionalize the look and feel, add in more features and increase speed. Further, we aim to create functionality more specific to Instacart. Please review the below to update your listings to support this new site. Sellers are now required to complete the below, and should before Monday, March 22.

  • Variants are throwing off the new layout. With this, we ask that listings be stand alone in most cases. For instance, if you have a product that comes in two sizes, and you’ve listed both sizes in a single listing - we now ask you to create a separate listing for each. The same would be true for items that have more than one flavor. As we push promotions this next week you’ll want the below to be looking grand by end of weekend. If you need help, please let me know.

  • Tips for this. Please review all your listings on the market page to begin. When you see them on the page, do the buttons look like this? The buttons should read “QUICK SHOP” and “ADD TO CART.” The goal being for the customer with a single click be able to add that item to their cart. If your listing doesn’t look like this, keep reading.

  • You’ll first go to your product list and create new listing. Unfortunately, you are unable to duplicate a listing that includes variants to complete this task. Instead you’ll need to create a new listing, and copy over the images, inventory and description. You will create a separate listing for each product you sell.

  • We are looking for consistency in our listings. We suggest first listing the name of the product, then adding the weight and/or size of package. For example the above listing should instead read "Anjou Pear | Conventional | 1 ct (or 1 bunch, or 16 oz, or 10.5 oz bag)”.

  • As we are no longer offering pickup, please remove any references to this in your listings.

  • And as it is spring, it’s a great time to clean up your listings! Consider seasonal imagery (we like free images from updating descriptions, and be sure to review your store profile here. Many are missing logos, banners and profile pictures.

  • We’ve learned from customer’s buying patterns that new and updated products (renewed titles, photos, etc) sell better. We’ve loads of early adopters who are always looking for the next best. Rest assured, by taking time now to update your listings, add in more or different products, you’ll see bigger sales later.

  • As part of our new functionality, we are asking sellers to include more information about their products, and to create more consistency across all listings. There are three new opportunities to do this and/or break out details from your descriptions in the product listing page. We really like how sites like Goldbelly do this. We’ve heard from customers how off-putting it can be to purchase from sellers who don’t include information about ingredients, allergens, packaging, size of product, serving sizes, storage, expiration dates, etc. So now each product listing includes a text box for these descriptors (more details, ingredients, instructions/storage). Please refer to the Goldbelly product listing for ideas on what to include.


The move to the new site puts the cherry on top of the delivery cake. Speaking of delivery. Now we require products to be packed to withstand the rigors of transport and delivery. Even more detail here >>

Please note, drop off is now from 10AM to 10:30AM every Sunday.

  • Should your product require cold to arrive safely (think holding at pack temp for up to 6 hours), you must include a gel pack. We suggest closing off the bag, and our preference is compostable plastic bags to withstand the moisture of the gel pack.

  • As items will now be jostled in a van and handled by multiple hands - please, please consider the item's fragility when packaging. Consider packing in cardboard, wrapping in paper then placing inside another bag. We advise noting on the packaging if the item is especially fragile, or if there is an proper way to situate the package in the grocery bag.

  • Please note, we cannot guarantee that items will arrive to the customer in the way you intend. But you’ll have a better chance by following the above best practices.

Finally, I appreciate everyone’s time. I know this is a lot, but we have big plans in the next week. I hope we have your support leading to great sales!

Thanks much, and be well,


- - - Libby Wyrum | Director | Frank & Ernest Markets | 1-612-867-0854

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