Linden Hills Farmer's Market: this way forward.

Tough times, indeed. In an effort to preserve vendor and community health and limit transmission of COVID 19, and after lots of sleepless nights, we’ve come up with a plan to start the market season safely, and on time. Thank you to those that helped us in planning. We’ve lots of detail below, and are still working out much more in the days ahead.

Please note, we will be hosting LHFM Vendor Meetings at two different times next week. The first is online on Monday, May 4 at 3PM, and the next is Tuesday, May 6 at 5PM. Please register for these here >> FYI, we are hosting a webinar on Monday at 1PM that will help you get online and selling quickly, for those of you interested in making the most efficient use of time. You will need to register to participate in either or both. 

Also, should you want to participate in these pick up markets, we are still taking registrations. Please reach out to me at Thank you so much, and I hope to see you at one of our vendor meetings next week. Take good care. 

Be well, 

Libby Wyrum

LHFM Market Manager


LHFM STRATEGY FOR MAY & JUNE PRE-SALES VIA ONLINE MARKETPLACE In the Spring of 2020, in response to COVID19, we partnered with RED Market to introduce an online multi-vendor marketplace; specific to food makers and farmers providing contact-less curbside/market pick up, shipping and doorstep delivery in the Twin Cities. Our in-person and online markets work in coordination to alleviate the obvious contagion that cash and lengthy transactions can take, along with congested in-person markets. Another benefit is that promotions can then be consistently and uniformly provided, with messaging to customers such as “order by Friday for Sunday pick up.”  To support vendors in achieving strong sales, we’ve been working very hard on this site. It’s been created for food makers and farmers specifically. This is the only site locally of its kind, and is far and away a step above any other option out there. Unlike other markets with a long list of links to vendor sites, we believe customers are more likely to commit and return more often to our intuitive and safe platform, where they can experience a one-stop, grocery-shop experience. Please note, vendors can use their own online stores to support and conduct pre-sales for the LHFM, as well. We are currently on-boarding LHFM vendors to our site. This is just a sneak peek>

To learn about getting online see our site here >>. We have lots of online tools, video tutorials and webinars to get you up and selling quickly. Our LHFM Vendor Meetings will cover lots of these details, and you can register here >>

MAY & JUNE MARKETS are exclusive to vendor drive up, drop off, and then customers will pick up. To be clear, vendors will not be on site and selling. Should there come a time when a more traditional market could be hosted, whereby social distancing could still be respected - we would re-evaluate and make safe changes where indicated. These markets are specific to farmers, food makers and those ready-to-eat food makers that are able to sell for take-n-bake. No foods will be made on site, or consumed on site.  MANAGEMENT

  • The LHFM will manage the weekly curbside pick up market, and its customer distribution of pre-sold products.

  • LHFM will invest in signage to identify how customers will safely collect products.

  • Staff wearing face masks and gloves, managing the drop/pick up point will sort the packages alphabetically, and disperse to customer cars. 


  • Location: Settergren’s Parking Lot, at 43rd & Upton Ave S, our regular market location. 

  • Tents, tables, hand-washing station, masks and gloves and all other cleaning supplies would be provided by the LHFM.

  • The drop off/pick ups will be three hours long. Vendors will drop off pre-sold product between 8AM and 9:30AM. Customers will begin arriving at 10AM. Market pick up will conclude at Noon. 

  • First market will occur Sunday, May 17, and for every Sunday thereafter. 

  • Should we feel that there are too many orders for a single market day (too much congestion), we could include a second pick up opportunity on weekday night. 


  • From 8AM to 9:30AM, vendors would arrive to drop site, and will proceed as directed by staff to unload product alphabetically into waiting bins and unto tables. Vendors arriving after 9:30AM will not be allowed on site or to drop off product. 

  • All automobile traffic will be one way. 

  • Management will be located at center of market, in a round about type arrangement. 

  • Tents, tables, hand-washing station, masks and gloves and all other cleaning supplies will be provided by the LHFM.

  • Vendors will situate product in their vehicles to best accommodate the alphabetical drop off arrangement (this will be discussed in more detail during the LHFM Vendor Meetings next week). 

  • All product must be carefully packaged and clearly identified with the customers full name. Management will not be responsible for any product that is misplaced or misdirected. 

  • Vendors are asked to be strategic about packaging to accommodate for spills, any product moisture, and keeping product chilled for four hours. 

  • The market will be purchasing a few coolers, but we ask that you consider investing in cooler bags and ice packs. The bags will be re-used whenever possible, and returned to vendors on the next market day. Please label these items with your name and business name. 

  • During the second and third hour, customers would arrive at the drop/pick up point via automobile, with their full names printed and visible in their front window.

  • Customers would be advised, one vehicle per family. 

  • Customers will not leave their cars.

  • Any product remaining after hour three would be donated, or may be tossed dependent on likely contagion load. We are still seeking advice on this.

Be well,


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