Lessons after 6 months. In summary.

For sure. What a year. In trying to sum it up, I came up with the following business truths. My business truths. Above all, I want us all to take back our system of food making and distribution.

  1. Commitment to local buying is really not what you think it is. And isn't done by those people you think it would be.

  2. Farmers markets are first entertainment, and that can be community centered.

  3. Farmers markets are not a significant or affordable grocery shopping opportunity.

  4. I've data I never could have got in any other way with online sales.

  5. Collation is everything. We shop for dozens of items, not one.

  6. Consistency is the other everything. Curiosity is another.

  7. Don't miscount the power of imagery.

  8. We over emphasize the power of packaging.

  9. Just cuz you can sell it, doesn't mean you should. Just cuz you can make it, doesn't mean you can sell it.

  10. Plagiarism is real, and valuable.

  11. My peers in local food are advocates for their institutionalized system of grocery as entertainment first. They are not always entrepreneurs and that could be our food-shed's demise.

  12. Technology is our friend, but not always friendly.

  13. Lots of people believe there aren't humans behind the technology. That hurts sometimes.

  14. I've never felt closer to my customers. Lots of sellers, the best sellers, say the same thing.

  15. It takes less management = less money, fewer resources, less waste and lots less energy to sell local foods this way. Less emotional energy, too.

  16. I foresee online sales with delivery to be the only, and best way to bring real affordability and sustainability to local foods.

  17. Food trucks are still more popular than any other thing I promote.

  18. Our biggest product sellers (in this order) are pastries, salad greens and eggs.

  19. Lots of people don't read, they click. Lots of people don't follow directions. Lots more do, and that is hopeful.

  20. More farmers need to sell berries, sweet corn - and all need to understand that this online thing is here to stay.

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