Get those monies.

We’ve received lots of questions on receiving payment. To get your monies, follow the below steps. FYI, as of July 28, we are using PayPal and NOT Stripe. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Sellers must have attached a PayPal account to their profile. Go to your  Seller Dashboard. Pulldown from PROFILE > PAYMENT DETAILS then add the PayPal email address you have associated with your business account.

  • Sellers must confirm each order has been “approved and fulfilled” and then "delivered” to trigger payment. We are asking sellers to note delivery after they've completed distribution to the customer to lessen frustrations with refunds.

  • At the Seller Dashboard, pulldown ORDERS > ORDERS LISTING > under the ACTION category, click VIEW, scroll to bottom of page, see FULFILLMENT DETAILS and click DELIVERED, and date, then SUBMIT. This should trigger payment from PayPal almost immediately. If you do not see an email notification from PayPal, please reach out to to inquire.

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