Configuring Shipping: from setting ranges to printing labels.

We know this may be confusing to new sellers. This was confusing to us at first, too. Here are the tools we've been provided via this application.

+ the ability to select rates based on product price, size

The below is a step-by-step to select your type and set ranges for shipping. We've also included info on how to print mailing labels.

OVERVIEW: We have defaults of "Marketplace Shipping," "Free Shipping" and "Free Pick Up." These are the configurations most often used by sellers (cottage food Makers are disallowed from shipping products).

For instance, if you'd prefer not to set the shipping method separately for your products, then you can select "Marketplace Shipping" as the default. Enabling "Marketplace Shipping" this allows sellers to tap into set rates as negotiated by Shopify. These rates are then tallied automatically when the customer includes their shipping address at the point of checkout.  

Finally, regardless of the configuration you set (by following the below directions), we suggest going to the customer marketplace, adding your own product to the cart and then navigating to checkout to see if the rates make sense with your costs.

TIP: If you are new to shipping, we suggest using USPS, and the freely provided shipping boxes to get started.

Quick Steps

Now, the sellers will set the country-wise/zone wise shipping rates on the basis on Price or Weight of the product.

Zone wise shipping

  • Sellers will first create the shipping ranges.

  • Select the zone (added by the admin).

  • Set the zone wise shipping rates based on the price or weight of the products.


By going to the Shipping Configuration menu of the seller panel, the seller will have the marketplace shipping option in the listing.

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