April 2021 | Seller Update

Hey all, Hope you are well. To best respect your time, I’m cutting to the chase. Hence, forgive me if this comes off as short. Important Updates + To increase opportunities for sales and to better meet the needs of customers. We are reducing the amount of time from customer order to delivery. Starting this week, the order window will now be closing on Friday at Midnight. We will continue to collate orders on Sunday morning with the drop occurring from 10AM to 10:30AM. I realize this can be an inconvenience, and should you have any concerns - please reach out. + We are looking at an alternate Sunday drop location. We anticipate a move in two weeks. Linden Hills is difficult to arrive at, and congestion is increasing as businesses begin to re-open. Please look for this announcement soon. + All sellers must have now submitted their F&E 2021 application and selected a membership tier. Without these submissions, seller accounts will be disabled. Again, I’m sorry about the inconvenience. If you have any financial concerns, please reach out. + We’ve recently rolled out our new site, and added a few hundred new products. Take a good look around, then PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE! + NEW GEL PACKS and accompanying packaging are required of many products. Now that we are holding product longer for delivery and with increasing temperatures - if your products require any temperature control, gel packs are now required! Further, please note condensation is degrading to packaging and can destroy your own and those of other seller’s. If a product arrives for packing with fluid stains, that product will now be disposed of immediately and the seller will not be reimbursed. That means, should your products be cold and include a gel pack - you must package it to withstand these conditions. Lots of sellers have gotten sloppy with this, and customers are noticing. All cold food should be at 41degrees or lower, and frozen foods should be frozen solid. Uline > Amazon > Amazon > + Best practices for temperature management, include: - use a frozen gel pack that meets the requirements of the product to hold temp for as long as possible. For more on this, please read >> - place your product in waxed, plastic and/or compostable bags whenever possible, to account for fluid leakage. - do not place raw or un-packaged product directly on gel packs. - print the customers full name, in permanent ink, on the outside of the packaging. Be sure the label with the customer's name is firmly affixed. + Best practices for shelf stable products, include; - if your product doesn’t require a second layer of packaging (e.g. to keep cold), consider alternatives to placing it in another bag. Customers have noted that the packaging has become onerous. For instance, instead of dropping your product off in another bag or box, instead label the jar or box with the customer's name. + Samples. We are able to insert food or promo (think coupons, flyers, business cards) into orders. If you are interested, please let me know. This is great to introduce new products! This is also ideal for other types of service businesses, such as dog walkers, house painters, real estate agents and more. Please refer us. + Lots of sellers are missing information on product listings. Please note, you may be losing sales and/or failing to meet legal/safety requirements because of this. - All product descriptions must include the following information: + Number of servings. + Size and weight of product and packaging. + List of ingredients. + List of any possible allergens. + Info on how to hold, prepare and/or cook the product. + Length of time until expiration. + For an example on how to do this well, see this Lund’s product listing. Take special note of the tabs for "ingredients", "instructions" and "nutrition information". F&E reserves the right to develop and/or decline listings that don’t meet these requirements. Thanks all, and as always if you have questions or concerns, reach out. Be well, Libby Wyrum F&E Markets

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