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UPDATE \ Week 2

As we get to know our new online marketplace, each week, I’ll be posting updates here on learnings and tips to help you build a stronger and better store presence. 

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We had a ton of interest last week, and saw well over 750 newsletter sign ups, and so many potential customers taking a look around! Now, this week, let’s turn those lookers into buyers. I’ve created a how-to of ways to improve your profiles and listings, and to avoid the dreaded abandoned carts. 

TIP: To participate in the Linden Hills Farmer’s Market Pick Up, or to offer presale and pick up at any of your markets, you will need to enlist the Store Pick Up configuration. More info on our LHFM Pick Up markets is here >>

TIP: To offer doorstep delivery, you will need to enlist the Hyperlocal Configuration. 

+ To enable STORE PICK UP CONFIGURATION on your seller dashboard. I suggest configuring for "specific product.” Then select for which fulfillment options you’d like to be made available on your product listings for customers to select from. Hint: look at your product listings after you’ve saved this configuration. 

+ If you would like to offer customers doorstep delivery, enable USE LOCATION FOR HYPERLOCAL from this page, too. 

+ To complete this offering, under CONFIGURATION from the seller dashboard, click LOCATIONS. Add all those locations where customers can pick up your products. We advise putting the market or address name in the Locations Address box like this: 

+ To offer doorstep delivery, you’ll tap into the HYPERLOCAL CONFIGURATION. You can find this from PROFILE > MY ACCOUNT and on the far right side of your seller profile, look for the Hyperlocal Configuration box. You have two decision points here. 

The first is a Global Selling setting, should you want your products to be on offer for doorstep delivery everywhere enable this toggle. If not, leave the toggle as is, you will then configure the areas specific to where you will deliver to, with the ADD LOCATION (blue button). Here you will want to input the address of your starting point (home, warehouse, market locations), and then include the maximum delivery distance you are willing to travel. Please adjust for kilometers. If this location is also appropriate for customers to pick up, enable the “Use this location for store pick up.” 

+ Lots of you were asking about order minimums. We appreciate this, and have made it available starting this week. Again, at the Seller Dashboard, go to CONFIGURATION > GENERAL CONFIGURATION > enable the “Set a minimum amount” and then enter a minimum purchase amount. Please think about the value of your time, and what amount makes sense to deliver product to a pick up market location or for doorstep delivery, like Linden Hills. 

+ We saw abandoned carts last week due to the following:

- product listings, whereby “shipping” had been enabled making the product unavailable for pick up. To confirm your product is available for pick up, go to the product listing, then EDIT > VARIANT DETAILS > then under the category ACTION, click EDIT.  You’ll see the below image under SHIPPING DETAILS. Click off REQUIRES SHIPPING.

- products not enabled for store pick up (see aforementioned). To confirm your product is available for pick up at the correct locations, go to the product listing, then EDIT > VARIANT DETAILS > then under the category ACTION, click EDIT.  You’ll see the below image under INVENTORY DETAILS. Click on Locations that you plan to offer the product for pick up. Be sure to identify your inventory here as well. 

- products not selected for pick up during the LHFM May 17 date under COLLECTIONS. Remember to select for those market pick up dates you want your products available. This information carries over from week to week, so be sure to click all those dates you plan to participate in pick ups. This is found under PRODUCT DETAILS at the listings screen, and then at the bottom on the right of the page. 

+ Had a lot of questions on this one. “Partially refunded orders” are confusing to sellers. As customers purchase from multiple sellers in one transaction, you may see this phrase should a seller refund their portion of this order. You do not need to worry, unless we’ve personally reached out to you to indicate a refund or you’ve refunded the customer yourself - you do not need to take notice of this. 

Finally, if you are using a Square for your online store, we have just added in an application to allow our site, and your Square site to talk to each other. Allowing you to manage your inventory in one location, and keeping it updated in both. It has other functionality, that we are still learning. Look for this tutorial coming soon!

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