In the Spring of 2020, we partnered with RED Market to introduce an online multi-vendor marketplace; specific to F&E Member food makers and farmers, providing these businesses the tools to provide customers contact-less curbside/market pick up, shipping and doorstep delivery. 


To best accommodate farmers and food makers that prefer to bring product to a central location for customer delivery and pick up, we have coordinated drop sites. These work in concert with our online market, where seller's drive up, drop off and then F&E either delivers or customer's pick up.


Our drop sites with customer pick up truly protect customers and vendors, as they are 100% contact free. Further, this new type of sale situation saves sellers and buyers time and energy like no other. In many ways this mimics a farmer CSA drop site. Whereby the customer collects their pre-purchased product in a single location at the same time each week. However, it offers buyers customization to select for different products and produce each week from a single online marketplace with dozens of sellers, and hundreds of products. 

GETTING ONLINE TO SELL PRODUCT FOR DROP DAYS. We have lots of online tools, video tutorials and webinars to get you up and selling quickly. To learn about selling online, see our seller FAQS here >>


  • Product is only made or harvested for a known, already paid, customer.

  • No waiting around for a customer who might not appear due to bad weather or a holiday. 

  • No tents to put up.

  • The average farmers' market day is 7 to 8 hours long. On average, our vendors spend just a few minutes online each week adjusting inventory and reviewing orders; with only minutes spent on site to drop off product. Imagine putting your saved time into creating product and promotions.

  • No hefty stall fees.

  • Unlike other markets with a long list of links to vendor sites, we know customers are more likely to commit and return more often to our intuitive and safe platform, where they can experience a one-stop, grocery-shop experience. 

  • Sellers receive the email address, home address and phone number of your customers. F&E never stands in the way of you having a relationship with your buyers. 

  • Not to mention the benefits of diversified sales opportunities!



We anticipate offering these markets through the holiday and winter months. 



LOCATION: FOOD BUILDING, 1401 Marshall St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, look for the F&E sandwich boards. 

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT DROP PRODUCT AT KIERAN'S KITCHEN. Our goal is to minimize their inconvenience, and drops should occur only with F&E staff, unless directed otherwise. 

TIME: Seller Drop-Off is on Marshall (look for the F&E signs on Marshall), 10:00 to 10:30AM. Customer Pick-Up, 11AM to Noon.

DATE: Every Saturday through 2021

ORDER CYCLE: Customers can order until Thursday for Saturday Pick Up. 


LOCATION: Heartfelt, 4306 Upton Ave S, Mpls, 55410

TIME: Seller Drop-Off, 10:00AM to 10:30AM. Customer Pick-Up, 11AM to Noon.

DATE: Every Sunday thru 2021

ORDER CYCLE: Customers can order until Thursday for Sunday Pick Up.


  • Please review your orders, by logging into your SELLER ACCOUNT, and viewing via the ORDERS LISTING. We know that some emails alerting sellers of orders received have been captured by junk/spam filters. Please do not rely on confirmation emails to account for all your orders. 

  • All products must be carefully packaged to withstand the elements, heat, cold and rain. Sellers are asked to be strategic about packaging to accommodate for spills, any product moisture, other products that may emit moisture, rain or wind, and keeping product properly chilled for four hours. When products require temperature control, they must be provided in cooler bags and with ice or gel packs. The bags will returned to sellers whenever possible, however we can't always promise that. Please label all cooler items (including ice packs) with your full name, business name, and phone number. 

  • All products must be clearly identified with the customer's full name and phone number. Our preference is to have this information printed, and not handwritten. A customer invoice can be printed from your SELLER DASHBOARD > ORDERS > ORDERS LISTING, and then on the right hand side of the screen, see ADDITIONAL ORDER DETAILS, and pull down ACTIONS > GENERATE CUSTOMER INVOICE.

  • Sellers that do not provide product in the manner prescribed may be charged a penalty fee of $15 per day. 

  • Management will not be responsible for any product that is misplaced, misdirected or isn't properly packaged for the environment or weather. 

  • Management is also not responsible for product that does not arrive on site or on time. Customer refunds are the responsibility of the seller.  Sellers may be charged a 3% of the cost of the product, in situations where orders do not arrive on site, and a refund occurs to the customer. 

  • Once product has been delivered to the drop site, under ORDER LISTINGS, seller will identify the order as "delivered," and then note with the date (dates cannot be in the past). Seller payment will then be triggered and occur via PayPal. Seller will receive email notification via PayPal immediately. If no notification occurs, contact libby@frankandernie.com to complete payment.



  • Sellers must wear masks when on site. 

  • All automobile traffic will be one way. 

  • During seller drop-off, please arrive to the drop site in an automobile at the time indicated for drop off (above).

  • We may limit the number of sellers dropping packages at any one time. 

  • Sellers will proceed as directed by staff, and will unload product direct on to a table. 

  • Sellers should not approach the table if another seller is unloading.

  • Sellers arriving after the cut-off time may not be allowed to drop off product.



  • During the last hour, customers would arrive at the drop/pick up point via automobile, with their full names printed and visible in their front window.

  • Customers are advised, one vehicle per family. 

  • Customers will not leave their cars, whenever possible. 

  • Any product remaining after the allotted pick up time would be donated, or may be tossed dependent on the product. Customers are not reimbursed.

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