Keg & Case is opening in early 2018, this multi-million dollar development, situated on a 15-acre historical site, is exclusively food focused, and includes new concepts from Revival's Thomas Boemer and Nick Rancone, along with; Ashlee Olds' first Sweet Science Ice Cream location, Five Watt Coffee, and a brand-new brewery and taproom called Clutch. 


The food hall includes 32-indoor stalls, with plans for 60+ outdoor seasonal stalls.  Keg & Case will have a live music amphitheater, outdoor beer garden, and winter market with skating rink. This is a one-stop food hall shopping experience unlike anything else in the Midwest. Applications for the outdoor stalls will be available later in 2017. 

Keg & Case curators are recruiting its tenants by offering up an easy-to-complete online application. All prospective applications are required to complete this application. 


A typical food stall is 100 square feet, however there may be flexibility for some concepts that require additional footage. General seating is available throughout the hall. Each stall's design will be reviewed and approved based on an established set of criteria. This criteria has yet to be determined. 


Lease terms may vary from tenant to tenant. As stipulated in our materials, we anticipate some tenants as being on site and selling for as little as a half day a week or once a month. Leases will be negotiated individually with each tenant based on those businesses aspirations. 


Additional details \\

Common area trash and handling will be available to all tenants on site. 

Keg & Case will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7-days a week. Hours have yet to be determined, however we anticipate vendors having some flexibility.  

Upon acceptance as a tenant, business owners must present a business plan with details that preclude draft menus and pricing, stall design, concept statements and branding portfolio. 

This page will be updated as new information becomes available. Last updated 7/5/17



The below individuals are associated with Keg & Case and have been briefed on the specifics of the Keg & Case project. They understand the rigors of start up entrepreneurs and have services respective to the cost effectiveness of these businesses. 
Design \\ Architecture \\ Little Box \\ Jeremy Nelson
Little Box is a small firm located in Minneapolis and established in 2005. Little Box works closely with the site, client and contractor to find innovative, cost-effective design solutions while producing concise construction documents.
Graphic \\ Concept \\ Logo & Branding \\ Marketing \\ Hand/Eye Creative \\ Andrew Rose
Hand/Eye Creative creates effective marketing communications, crafts the messaging of the appropriate delivery channels, and has technical skills to execute to virtually any media. 
Raw Ingredient Sourcing \\ Produce & Protein Procurement \\ RED Market \\ Katie Myhre

RED Market makes the introduction and sales process easy, with a network of buyers and sellers using our online wholesale system. RED Market introduces dozens of sustainable farm partners to chefs daily, allowing chefs to increase their number of sustainable farm partners and decrease their dependency on food from far away. RED stands for “Restaurants Eat DIRECT” – and that’s what they do, enable farmers and chefs to work directly together.

Commercial & Business Insurance \\ Personal \\ Business Property \\ Workers Compensation \\ Aspire Insurance \\ Beth DeLaForest
A full service independent insurance agency primarily serving Minnesota and Wisconsin. Aspire represents dozens of leading insurance companies, allowing them to provide their clients with the best fit. They are committed to providing clients with the highest quality information and services at the best prices they can find. 
More applicant resources are forthcoming. 




Q: Is Keg & Case like Midtown Global Market?  Is it like the other food halls opening up around the Twin Cities. 
A: Nope, we are different! Revolutionary even - no other indoor development is happening like Keg & Case anywhere in the United States. Look at this like a post-modern farmers' market but indoors, with tentative plans to serve food from 7AM to 1AM, and it's all year round with low-cost stall leases, a professional marketing team, a taproom, a new world-class restaurant concept from James Beard nominees, with cafes, ice cream parlors, a beer garden and a live music amphitheater. 

Q: What if I don't know what my business will look in six months?
A: Apply anyway. We won't know if you interested and can't help you get to the next place - unless we hear from you. This application is simply that - a way to hear from you.

Q: What kind of questions does the Keg & Case application ask?
A: This is basic stuff folks. The application has questions like the following; 100 words on who are your competitors, list five of your potential products and tell us how much you may charge and tell us what ingredients you use in your food. No business plan is required to apply, we don't need to do a credit check and you are not legally required to follow through with anything. This is just us getting to know you.

Q: What if I only make have a single packaged food product? 
A: This is where the application process gets good! We designed this space to be exactly what our food community makes it up to be. You can request a stall for as little as half day or take out a lease that if for two years. This space is what we make of it. But without you applying we can't make it so!

Q: What if I want to put a liquor store here? 
A: Please apply and tell us about it. This would be awesome!

Q: What if I'm currently a food truck and want to take my ready-to-eat food business inside? 
A: Please apply and tell us about it. 

Q: What if I want to team up on an application with other people and lease the space together? 
A: Please apply and tell us about it. 

Q: What if I want to make awesome breakfast sandwiches, but refuse to work past Noon? 
A: Please apply and tell us about it. Ready-to-eat food stalls could be had for as little as two hours, or could be let for two years. 

Q: What kinds of foods do you want in Keg & Case?
A: The Keg & Case sky(lights) are the limit! Think about it like this ~ Retail is an ever changing ecosystem - think out of the box thoughts. Ask yourself, what is the Twin Cities missing? Or if I had to create a place to eat, shop and meet friends - what would I want to see in it. What experiences would I like to have? What smells should the place have? Then design a shopping experience that looks like what is in your head. Put it in the application and tell us about it - we will work with you to help it come together. This is fun folks! 

The full list of concepts and food stuffs is here, and it is hefty!
Liquor, Bakery, Confectionary, Cured Meats, Dairy & Eggs, Drinks, Dry Goods, Fish & Seafood, Fruit & Vegetables, Homewares & Accessories, Food Hubs, Farmer Collaboratives, Meat, Poultry & Game, Oils & Vinegars, Olives & Antipasti, Plants & Flowers, Spices, Preserves & Condiments and Street Food. 

Q: What if I need more than 100 square feet? 
A: At this stage of Keg's development we are gathering information, your application helps us know that you are interested and howe we can best support you. Currently the plan is to have 30, 100 square foot stalls - but say we have 10 stellar applicants that want 500 square feet, then we may reduce the number of stalls accordingly. This is the joy of a development model like Keg & Case, we have some flexibility to make changes based on the requests within the applications we receive. See why it is so important to apply?

Q: Is there production space on site? 
A: If you need this. Let us know, and again I refer you to aforementioned Q and A.

Q: Why the application fee of $25? 
A: We need to know you mean business. And in our year's of experience - those that put their money where their mouth, ahem, application mean business.   

Q: What if I don't know exactly what sort of business or concept I want to do right now, but I have a fantastic ____(produce and proteins, falafel, jam recipe, dream to make dumplings...fill in the blank here)? 
A: This is easy - tell us what you will do, and let's start there. 

Q: I've other questions. What do I do now? 
A: Ask these questions and let us know your concerns by contacting us today at 612 867 0854 (text works, too), or email You've questions, we've got answers.

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