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Thoughtful to nuance, and respectful to differences, Libby Wyrum collaborates across sectors, building long-lasting partnerships.  She researches, tests and communicates the needs of the marketplace to find the best strategies for each of her clients.  These strategies are good for business and even better for sustainable social change - two subjects immensely important to her and to Frank & Ernest.

Libby worked for Gardens of Eagan, a 125-acre certified organic vegetable farm in Northfield, Minnesota, where she focused on customer diversification and business development.  Her other work includes serving as a consultant with Grassroots Solutions where her clients included: Minnesota Public Radio, the City of Detroit, and the AFL-CIO.  Before this she worked with the Minnesota House of Representatives as a Committee Administrator and managed a $2 billion multi-departmental budget process.

Libby's career started in nonprofit organizing, grant management, and volunteer coordination.  She attended the University of Minnesota, and majored in Anthropology, Psychology and Gender Studies.  She was a Fellow at the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute for Public Affairs.  


Libby lives in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul with two dogs and a remarkably creative, funny husband.