We started F&E Markets as a response to COVID-19 in April 2020, and the need to support local businesses in getting online quickly and doing it collaboratively. Our multi-vendor marketplace, akin to an Etsy type platform, creates a one-stop all-local online grocery shop. All products are listed and delivered by the businesses themselves, with F&E services that allow for organized, professional doorstep delivery.
By selling alongside dozens of other farmers and food makers, you benefit from hundreds of daily eyes on your prize, a comprehensive grouping of products meeting the diverse needs of Twin Cities customers, along with; professional F&E promotions and a platform created specific to small businesses. 
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QUICK VIEW OF FEES & COMMISSIONS | The application fee is $30. The commission on sales is 6%, the credit card fee is 2.6% + $.30 and the yearly fee to sell an unlimited amount online with doorstep delivery to your customers is $149, but we've other membership tiers (at a lower cost) for other types of sales. 
  • packaged food and beverages, Minneapolis or MDA permitted.  
  • pet foods and treats. 
  • growers of plants, produce and/or proteins, and farmstead makers. 
  • CSA shares.
  • recurring meal or produce subscriptions.
  • categories include; but, are not limited to: baked goods, juice, seafood, proteins, cheeses, non-alcoholic beverages.
  • cottage food makers welcome (doorstep delivery and market/curbside pick up only).
  • at farmer's market vendors seeking pre-sale opportunities for market pick-up. 
  • frozen, catered and take-n-bake foods. 
  • health and/or body care products. CBD products not included. 
  • special or custom orders of food or beverages.  
  • meal and/or non-alcoholic beverage kits. 
  • and much more!
  • Giving you a safe, low-cost, risk free entry to the world of e-commerce retail. 

  • No farmer's market attendance necessary. Skip the stall fees, tent, and tables. No bad weather to contend with either. 

  • Product only harvested, made or packaged for known, paying customer. Drop off at collation site takes just minutes a week. 

  • 24/7 shopping, not just four hours a week. 

  • A more diverse group of products means your customers recognize the convenience, linger longer and buy more and often. 

  • Personalized Digital Storefront. Participation in our online multi-vendor marketplace, the likes of Etsy or Poshmark, at Giving you a safe, risk free entry to the world of e-commerce retail. 

  • An easy-to-use low cost, low commission online marketplace of all-local food makers and farmers. F&E only makes money when you do. 

  • Depending on membership tier, the opportunity to participate in professional weekly doorstep delivery opportunities for your customers managed by F&E and BrightSide Produce. 

  • Paid promotions on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Professional and extensive marketing and public relations communications on your behalf. See an example of our e-newsletters:​​

  • Access to tens-of-thousands of your kind of customers; while offering you a chance to discover new ones. Larger customer audience in a wider region than just a typical community farmer's market. 

  • Relationships with other F&E sellers. Being part of community of farmers and food entrepreneurs that understand each other.  

Our model is unique to local foods, as F&E carries no inventory and maintains no fleet of delivery vehicles. The value of our model comes in bringing together a customer's purchase of dozens of items, from dozens of sellers, into a single one-time, once-a-week delivery. F&E suggests becoming a members of our "KNOWN" Enterprise tier to best achieve sales, and gain the most services for your investment. 
  • Sellers can personally add an unlimited number of products for free. 
  • Can sync products from other stores using CSV import. 
  • Sellers can have their own profile.
  • Sellers can upload and bulk edit products by CSV. 
  • Sellers can pass along expenses related to fulfillment and taxes.
  • Creates seller-to-customer invoices. 
  • Provides shipping configurations for locally and nationally zoned rates.
  • Can list product variants, including size of packaging and flavors for customers to select from in a single listing.
  • Sellers can offer buyers market pick up, doorstep delivery or shipping. 
  • Multi-cart option to allow for single customer pay. 
  • Secure customer payment reducing and limiting seller liability. 
  • Allows sellers to customize pickup locations, to include; storefronts, residential addresses and in-person markets.
  • Customers can ask questions directly to sellers, and vice versa.
  • Payout via PayPal.
  • Inventory management of product. 
  • Ability to print shipping labels. 
  • brand and product imagery
  • clear and concise descriptions with accurate accounting for package size
  • pricing, labels and packaging
  • delivery to the drop site for BrightSide Produce delivery
  • packaging materials and boxes with adherence to temperature control
  • tracking and paying sales taxes
  • timely responses to customer product queries and customization requests
BREAKDOWN OF FEES & COMMISSION is host to our online multi-vendor marketplace, and takes 2.6% of the item price, along with a $.30 cents per transaction for debit and credit card processing. F&E takes a 6% commission, for a total of 8.6% per sale with $.30 fee divided across all sellers. Sellers may incur other fees related to PayPal transactions based on their own use. 
Our application and memberships are good for one year, and must be resubmitted annually. Seller's will first submit the F&E application, and pay the non-reimbursable $30 fee. Once approved they will select a membership tier (starting at $45 a year) that works best for them, and either participate in our directory listing or in online sales. 
If you have questions about this online marketplace, see our FAQS, application and membership pages, then email