Careful sourcing of outstanding local ingredients and products is not just a boutique business offering. Local, unique and heritage ingredients are increasingly mainstream. Competition for these ingredients is greater than ever before. Seeking out, sourcing and then developing concrete distribution systems are key when meeting and beating your slim profit margin. Remove your guesswork, reduce your start-up and ongoing costs, while finding new and unique ingredients with  my services. Opportunities that could include season extension and working directly with a producer to grow exactly the produce you want.


  • By outsourcing your procurement you reduce your labor outlay, placing your employees focus exactly where it needs to be - on your business. 

  • Farmers are extending their produce offerings. There are now purchasing opportunities earlier in the year and until later in the season. Don't stop with just tomatoes in September - think heritage grains, unique seed oils and sustainable aquaponics herbs in December and January. With season extension opportunities, the growing season doesn't begin in May and end in October. As our local food systems become viable economically and as a new generation sees their future in farming - farmers are doing more with less and longer.  No doubt there are unique opportunities, and I can connect you to them. 

  • Benefit: Imagine a relationship where you direct the variety of produce and proteins you want, when you want it. One type of cucumbers for pickling and another for plating.  The exact sweet pepper for roasting and another for spicing. Skip the chicken and go straight to the capon. Creativity and efficiency in one relationship. Reducing your number of purveyeors and reducing your on-phone and online order time. 

  • By developing relationships with the farm community that most clearly speaks your language - your cost effectiveness is improved. Distributthis is possible.  This takes time and is where I come in. Building a direct connection between you and your producers reduces risk, streamlines communication and creates cost effectiveness.  

  • Remove your guesswork, reduce your start-up and ongoing costs, while finding new and unique ingredients. Everything from season extension opportunities to working directly with a producer to get exactly the product and produce you want.  

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