Foraging + Sourcing


Careful and thoughtful sourcing of outstanding local ingredients and products.  Remove your guesswork, reduce your start-up and ongoing costs, while finding new and unique ingredients. Everything from season extension opportunities to working directly with a producer to get exactly the product and produce you want.  

On average, each fruit or vegetable purchased in the Midwest travels 1,500 miles from farm to plate

(Pirog, 2001). Central Minnesota has the capacity to replace a large percentage of out-of-state produce 

with locally grown fruits and vegetables, particularly in peak months. If done efficiently, this could 

eliminate thousands of tractor-trailer miles from the distribution chain, resulting in reduced carbon 

monoxide emissions.

Food must be delivered 

efficiently in order for the 

potential savings in 

emissions to be realized, 

however, as Figure 3: 

Transportation Fuel Use per 

Ton of Product illustrates 

(King, 2010). Although local 

food does not have as much

distance associated with it, 

more fuel can actually be 

burned in its less efficient 

collection and delivery.

planning + Education


From providing seasonal forecasts, to helping inform your menu planning and then training front of house staff --creating direct and dynamic relationships between farmers and food producers and their consumers. Creating customized sets of services unique to the success of your business. 

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