Services can include; sourcing the best local ingredients, providing produce calendars to help guide your seasonal selections, and educating on the difference between grass-fed and grass-finished beef. 

 get exactly the product and produce you want.



Imagine a relationship where you direct the variety of produce and proteins you want, when you want it. One type of cucumbers for pickling and another for plating.  The exact sweet pepper for roasting and another for spicing. Skip the chicken and go straight to the capon. Creativity and efficiency in one relationship. By having one foot devoted to our dynamic farming community and the other firmly  in the culinary worldReducing your number of purveyeors and reducing your on-phone and online order time. 


get exactly the product and produce you want.

By developing relationships with the farm community that most clearly speaks your language - your cost effectiveness is improved. Distributthis is possible.  This takes time and is where I come in. Building a direct connection between you and your producers reduces risk, streamlines communication and creates cost effectiveness.  


website development


editorial calendars

traditional and new media

event management

customer newsletters

packaging design and development

meet and greets

onsite demonstrations

food and location photography

graphic design


customer engagement


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