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An Online Marketplace for Farmer's Market Managers

A New Normal Market Farmer's Market: Frank & Ernest Marketplace

Update, 4/7/20, F&E is currently crafting our buyer-facing site, but right now, we are on-boarding F&E Members. Please note, this site will change, grow and incorporate more customization as we learn about our customers and your selling preferences in the week's ahead. We are learning about this new normal, just like you. We ask for your patience, and feedback, as we begin sales.
COVID-19 is changing the way farmer's markets and retail are happening, and many food and farm businesses are seeking ways to quickly, easily and inexpensively provide online shopping for their customers. With our new multi-vendor marketplace, akin to an Etsy type platform, we are creating a one-stop all-local online grocery shop. Run by vendors, for vendors. All products are listed and delivered by the businesses themselves, with customizations that allow for neighborhood farmer's market pick up, doorstep delivery, and shipping. By selling alongside dozens of other farmers and food makers, you benefit from hundreds of daily eyes on your prize, a comprehensive grouping of products professional F&E promotions and a platform created specific to you. 
F&E has joined forces with RED Market to offer Twin Cities residents a new way to purchase and receive delivery of hundreds of local foods, household and healthcare products direct from Upper Midwest farmers and food makers. 
Our online market is perfect for locally owned food and farm businesses selling:
  • packaged food and beverages, Minneapolis or MDA permitted.  
  • pet foods and treats. 
  • growers of plants, produce and/or proteins, and farmstead makers. 
  • CSA shares.
  • categories include; but, are not limited to: baked goods, juice, seafood, proteins, cheeses, non-alcoholic beverages.
  • cottage food makers welcome (doorstep delivery and market/curbside pick up only).
  • at farmer's market vendors seeking pre-sale opportunities for market pick-up. 
  • frozen, catered and take-n-bake foods. 
  • health and/or body care products. CBD products included. 
  • special or custom orders of food or beverages.  
  • meal and/or non-alcoholic beverage kits. 
  • and much more!
PROMOTION Each of the partners (RED Market and F&E) will take an active role in promoting this online marketplace to their audiences, with dedicated marketing dollars. F&E encourages vendors to promote their participation often and much. 
F&E provides:
  • a robust online marketplace and its administration
  • a dedicated Twin Cities customer base in the tens of thousands 
  • professional promotions and public relations
Sellers are responsible for: 
  • brand and product imagery
  • clear and concise descriptions with accurate accounting for package size
  • pricing, labels and packaging
  • delivery, pick up or shipping in the Twin Cities Metro Area
  • shipping materials and boxes
  • tracking sales taxes
  • timely responses to customer product queries and customization requests
ONLINE STORE FEATURES, as per provided by application
Please be patient, as we begin to learn and customize this platform.
  • Sellers can personally add an unlimited number of products for free. 
  • Can sync products from other stores using CSV import. 
  • Sellers can have their own profile and store.
  • Sellers can upload and bulk edit products by CSV. 
  • Sellers can pass along expenses related to shipping and deliveries.
  • Creates seller-to-customer invoices. 
  • Provides shipping configurations for locally and nationally zoned rates.
  • Seller can select for specific "hyperlocal" areas, choosing to showcase their profiles and products to customers in their delivery routes. 
  • Can list product variables, including size of packaging for customers to select from. 
  • Sellers can offer buyers market pick up, doorstep delivery or shipping. 
  • Multi-cart option to allow for single customer pay. 
  • Customer payment methods include Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, all major credit cards and PayPal. 
  • Allows sellers to customize pick up locations, to include; storefronts, residential addresses and in-person markets.
  • Customers can ask questions directly to sellers, and vice versa.
  • Payout via PayPal or direct with bank routing. 
  • Inventory management of product. 
  • Ability to print shipping labels. 
Once sellers have submitted the 2020 F&E membership form and pay the $45 fee, there is no additional listing cost for products on our marketplace. is host to our online multi-vendor marketplace, and takes 2.4% of the item price, along with a .30 cents per transaction for debit and credit card processing. F&E takes a 5.6% commission, for a total of 8% per sale. For the month of April and May, F&E will not be taking any commissions. 
If you have questions about this online marketplace, please email

WHAT is it like? Sellers, like yourself, will create a profile, list products, and then you'll personally ship, deliver or offer market or curb side pick up. This market is a one-stop online grocery shop, where customers can purchase from dozens of small local food makers, artisans and farmers with a single credit card transaction. 
WHY wouldn't I just have my own online store? Other than the aforementioned, the value of multi-vendor marketplaces is the increased customer traffic. With such a wide range of products listed, customers will come back again and again. Also, as sellers promote this to their customers it gains audiences in ways one small online store can never achieve.
WHAT if I have my own store? We are utilizing a Shopify platform, allowing you to easily create a CSV from your existing site and then import it to ours. Saving you time and money. Easy! 
HOW will this online marketplace coincide with traditional farmer's markets? We anticipate in-person markets will be greatly curtailed in 2020, with fewer vendors and customers, and they will be shorter in duration. By creating pre-sales via online channels, we believe public health and vendor safety are best served by reducing lingering and concentrations of customers.
WILL F&E host in-person markets this season? F&E is looking at offering quick pick-up neighborhood markets specific to those vendors that sold product online that week at the F&E Marketplace. Online sellers would drop off any pre-sold product for customer pick up at a drive through location handled by just one or two people. We are calling these Trunk Sales.
WHAT if I sell at other farmer's markets, like Mill City or Saint Paul Farmer's Market? Our site is great for you. We have online tools for that. You'd simply list  your pick up locations and then customers can select your location upon purchase.
WHAT if I manage a farmer's market. Can I get my market and its vendors online with this? Talk to us. We are working with managers now to get their markets online, and help them provide services to vendors to allow for market pick up. For markets, we have an inexpensive annual set up fee with a monthly subscription cost.
WILL F&E be partnering with other in-person markets? F&E has hundreds of hours of farmer's market organizing experience, and our online store speaks to this experience. With our partnership packages, farmer's markets can leave the administration to us. Their customers get a great online marketplace experience, and vendors get a low cost easy to list store. If you see this as a value, let your market managers know about us. 
WHAT is F&E's role? We administer the online marketplace and serve as its chief promoters, and may offer pick up markets from time to time, too. F&E does not provide distribution, delivery services, manage or hold inventory.  
Online sales support:
  • Customer diversification; we anticipate in-person markets will be slower and less well attended than in past years, and selling online 24/7 reaches a new audience, and a customer-base which we maybe didn't see at traditional markets. Garnering all kinds of new sales opportunities. 
  • Lessens the amount of time spent face-to-face with customers and handling cards or cash, reducing the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission. 
  • Supports the vendor in offering doorstep delivery and shipping, lessening the amount of time you will spend at in-person markets.
  • Creating specific to already concluded sale, you reduce excess inventory and eliminate waste; saving you time and money, as you only make and package product for a known, paying customer.​
How do I get started? By becoming a 2020 F&E Member, you are able to post product listings for free. This multi-vendor platform is ideal for farmers of produce and proteins, packaged and cottage food makers for people and pets, ready-to-eat foods in quantity; including meal-kits, baked goods and more.
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