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2019 Plate & Parcel Holiday Market & Last Minute Market

formerly Linden Hills Holiday Market

Logistics, Maps, Policies & Procedures

Plate & Parcel Holiday Market, Weekends

Indoors at Wagners Garden Center

6024 Penn Ave S, Mpls, MN 

Neighborhood of Armatage


>> Directions to Wagners >>


Sundays, Fall Season 10/13 thru 10/27

Saturdays & Sundays, Holiday Season 11/2 thru 12/22


Market Hours 10AM - 3PM

Load In Begins 8AM, Load Out Begins 3PM

Load Out Concludes 4PM

All vendors must be on site and setting up no later than 9:30AM.

Vendors will be turned away that do not arrive by 9:25AM. 

Last Minute Market

Indoors at Wagners Garden Center 

6024 Penn Ave S, Mpls, MN 

Neighborhood of Armatage


>> Directions to Wagners >>


Wednesday, 11/28 & Monday, 12/23


Market Hours 1PM - 5PM

Load In Begins 11AM, Load Out Begins 5PM

Load Out Concludes 6PM

All vendors must be on site and setting up no later than 12:30PM.

Vendors will be turned away that do not arrive by 12:25PM.


Alright, so we've rules. When we started working this market, we insisted there wouldn't be so many of these. Having rules, regulations and standardization are not our favorite things, but with success comes people and consistency is key. Safety is real important, too. Thus, we give a grouping of tips and techniques to guide your time with us. Before reaching out to market management, please review this information carefully. Our managers speak with thousands of current and prospective vendors a year, and may not always be available to answer each and every question you have. We try though. Preference is given to those that review this info well in advance of their first market date.

Also, our markets create a dynamic market place and work to dispel the monopoly seen at other farmers’ markets. That means there may be multiple vendors selling a similar product on the same day. This allows for customer choice and provides a sales environment more akin to what an up-and-coming producer may experience in a grocery setting. I encourage you to keep an open mind. Differentiate yourself from the next guy, this is entrepreneurship 101. 



According to our formal policy, a single no-show may mean forfeit of your stall for the remainder of the year. Our market meets every scheduled date, rain or shine or snow. Again, I refer you to the listed no-show policy.


Vendors are required to pay their stall fees in advance. Our market managers keep a master list of paid and scheduled vendors. Vendors that haven't paid will be asked to pay immediately or leave the market. Seems harsh, but we believe in a pay to play situation. We 100% feel the same way about your MN ST 19 Tax Form, your insurance certificate and your permit to sell. These must be submitted prior to your first sales date - no exceptions. 


In the case of inclement weather (thunderstorm with lightening and high winds, below zero temps, snowstorm with ice, etc) you will be notified of a market delay or early closing. Please, please don't contact us - respectfully, we will contact you. 

If you are unable to arrive before 9:25AM or need to cancel your scheduled date, email or text 612 867 0854. 


We sometimes have walk-in stalls available. A call will go out early in the work week, and these opportunities are first-come first-serve. Approved vendors are notified via email and on our Facebook Group Page. 



Please note, our policy is to not offer reimbursements for cancellations - unless in extenuating circumstances. You are gonna have conflicts, it happens. To add dates to your season, go here. To cancel dates, email or text 612 867 0854.


Yes, vendors can pick up dates. To do that use the registration form listed at the market page at the F&E site. If the date is SOLD OUT, contact to be waitlisted. 



Tents are not required for this indoor market. Vendors must provide their own tables and everything else needed to complete a successful sale. Vendors are encouraged to have dollies or carts to assist in load in and load out. While we work to minimize the walk in/out - you should be prepared to carry or cart your own supplies and products at least 1000 feet. Carts are encouraged. It could be a haul for you.

Vendors must provide their own tables. Vendors may hang signage behind their stall and from the pole ordinarily holding hanging baskets. 

The temperature in the greenhouses will fluctuate, based on time of day, what vendors are serving, weather and the number of people in the space. Wear layers and winter boots to combat the chill. Space heaters are not allowed.


Electricity is available at our market, but ONLY as needed for food preparation or to hold temperatures of proteins. Vendors should be prepared to use battery power for all electronics such as phones, tablets and card readers. These cannot be plugged in. We appreciate your consideration. If you require electricity, vendors are required to pay a $5 a day fee, and must provide their own extension cords. These must be at least 100' long and be of the commercial, outdoor and all-weather variety. Vendors are required to tape down their own extension cords with duct tape. Market managers will direct you where to plug in. Options may include market-provided generators, located exterior to the site.


If you plan to pull more than 1000 Watts at any one time, you are required to provide your own generator and fuel. Check your appliances before your first market date. Lots of info is available online about wattage, etc. The market is not liable for any sales lost due to the inconvenience of electrical cuts. This can be frustrating, and if you seek to avoid this, contact to review your appliances and options. 


Our market supplies are very limited, and we rarely lend out items. However, there is a hardware store at the corner of 50th & Penn, Settergren's Ace Hardware. The brother store to our regular season location. They keep lots of regularly used vendor products on hand, and lots of others can be special ordered (think, pop-up tents!). 


All vendors are required to provide their own: 

  • Tables

  • Merchandising items

  • Sign clearly listing your business name

  • Compostable beverage and food wares are required by the City of Mpls for sampling and serving

  • Packaging materials and bags for sales

  • Checkout items (change float, card reader, receipt paper, etc)

  • A copy of your food vendor permit

  • 100ft of commercial quality extension cords, should electricity be required

  • Handwashing station, filled with warm water, two buckets, thermometer and hand soap


The market provides the following each week: 

  • A 6' x 4' space, given the unique qualities of the space - this could change. With increased stall sizes for ready-to-eat food vendors, farmers and food trucks. 

  • Nearly constant social media work throughout the season. 

  • Earned and paid promotional opportunities from local media outlets. 

  • Regular market programming to include live music and more.

  • A partnership with Minneapolis Craft Market, a mobile marketplace dedicated to crafts. MCM brings a rotating selection of handcrafted goods by local designers and makers to the Linden Hills Farmers' Market each week. 

  • A dedicated customer base of thousands. 

  • The same stall location for those vendors that have registered for every day in the sale's season, e.g. both Saturday and Sunday. We will do our best to accommodate preferences and the characteristics of your business to best support sales. If you require something special, please reach out. 



As per state ordinance, any vendor serving and/or sampling food is required to have a hand washing station. No exceptions to this rule. Vendors are discouraged from sharing, as placement of businesses may vary from day to day. Vendors without stations, will be asked to leave the market. This exact set up is required. AND yes, you must use the recommended spigot! Our management team will be reviewing all vendor set ups throughout the season. Stations must arrive on site with hot water already in them. Hot water is limited on site at Wagners. City inspections may continue  through the holiday season, be aware.

All vendor created trash must be carried out. This includes, customer trash made from products purchased or sampled at your stall, and left at your stall. 


Along with hard waste is gray water - no trash or water will be deposited on site. No exceptions. Gray water includes any water or ice that is not used - even if it is "clean." Any vendors in violation of this will be charged a penalty. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES pour used or fresh water in the Wagners plants or environs. Seriously, carry it out folks, unless directed otherwise by market or greenhouse management. Gray water dumping encourages pests, and pests bring all sorts of nasty things we do not want near food.



Load in begins at 8AM. Load out begins at 3PM. All vendors must be on site and setting up no later than 9:30AM. Vendors will be turned away that do not arrive by 9:25AM. 


To keep things easy and traffic moving - we assign stalls on a first come, first serve basis. This only applies to those businesses that haven't registered for our full season, e.g. if you aren't attending our market every Saturday and Sunday. Follow our simple directions, and it will all work out fine. Please note, managers reserve the right to change these requirements and stipulations at any time. 


1. Arrive via the entrance on Penn Ave. Respect the entrance and exits at the front of the lot, arriving from Penn Avenue. Vendors may use the parking spaces in Wagner's lot to load in. Do not use the designated handicapped spaces (unless permitted) or obstruct fire lanes. Only use designated parking spaces.

2. Once you've loaded your cart, come indoors. Vendors may use the marked "EXIT" door. Once inside market staff will direct you to your location. 

3. Once you've loaded in, and BEFORE you've started to set up - you must remove your vehicle to the street. Vendors must be parked at least two blocks away. Be cognizant of our neighbors. Some parking is available behind the building, as per the map below. 

Food trucks will be placed outdoors and upon arrival, and adjacent to the entrance or exit to the garden center. Food trucks must check in with the market manager before parking their trucks. 

Vendor load out starts at 3PM. Please conduct the reverse of your load in, e.g. pack up your stall completely, then bring your car to the Wagner's parking lot. Vendors are required to vacate the space no later than 4PM - if not before. We ask that vendors not pack up before 3pm. Vendors exiting the market before 3pm will be penalized.


Your location at the market may vary from week to week, unless you've registered for our full season (every Saturday and Sunday). We capitalize on an environment where customer energy and curiosity are heightened through exploration.


Stalled vendors that plan to attend our market every Saturday and Sunday will receive a permanent stall location, meaning they will be in the same location every week - unless the market manager directs otherwise due to special events, or other circumstances. Our managers reserve the right to move vendors to another location at any time. 

Food trucks will be located adjacent to the entrances, and will be placed upon arrival. Please park your truck, then enter the greenhouse and ask for market management to complete set up. All trucks must be on site before 9:30AM. 


WIFI is not available. I know. Bummer.


NUMBER OF CUSTOMERS can vary from week to week - especially with special events. Weather and shoulder seasons not withstanding, we see between 3,500 and 4,000 people most days. 


VENDOR & CUSTOMER RESTROOMS are available inside Wagner's. We ask that vendors use the restrooms on the second floor of the head house to reduce congestion, and allow for customers to use those on the first floor. Please no smoking in the restrooms.


MANAGER'S include folks from the Linden Hills Farmers' Market and Minneapolis Craft Market. Our team leaders may fluctuate from week to week, but the rules, regulations and market policies remain the same. 



Lots of weeks during our season we host special guests and plan for great events to bring in more shoppers and to entertain our regulars. This list of events is constantly being updated. Please go to the Linden Hills Farmers' Market website or the Plate & Parcel event page for more info.  Be sure to stay looped in via the Facebook page, and our other social media channels. For a full listing go here. 

Please promote often and much. For a PDF of the Plate & Parcel Poster, go here. 



By registering to vend with the Linden Hills Holiday Market, aka Plate & Parcel, you agree to the following: 


•    To be on site and setting up no later than 9:25am. Vendors not on site before then will be asked to leave. This is for reasons such as customer safety and to be respectful to your fellow vendors. Vendors are not allowed to have pets/animals in the market area, unless approved by the market manager. 

•    Consuming alcoholic beverages and smoking are prohibited in the market area, unless approved by the market manager. 

•    All vendors must keep their area neat while selling and make certain that the area is clean before leaving. 

  • All weather related cancellations are the responsibility of the vendor, and the market is not responsible for lost vendor fees. 

•    All vendors must represent themselves appropriately (dress, cleanliness, etc.)  Shirts and footwear must be worn at all times.

•    Market will occur in rain, snow or shine, vendors are required to attend regardless of weather. 

•    Any vendor, who is not complying with the market rules and policies may be asked to leave, the vendor, in turn, may petition the market coordinator to be re-admitted. 

•    Any required sales tax collections and remittances are the sole responsibility of the sellers. 

•    If a booth, canopy, or other item of vendor causes a safety concern, LHFM may require the vendor to remove the unsafe element. 

•     All vendors agree to abide by fair business practices. 

•     Vendor assumes full liability for the products they market or sell and hereby agrees to hold the Linden Hills Farmers’ Market, and the business and property owners where LHFM is located harmless against any claim of injury or damage by any buyer, seller, or other persons resulting from the use, consumption, disposition, display or marketing of vendor’s products.

•    The Linden Hills Farmers Market, aka Plate & Parcel, is not liable for any injury, theft, or damage to either buyers or vendors arising out of/or pertaining to preparation for/or participation in the market whether such injury, theft, or damage occurred prior, during, or after the market.  Vendor further agrees to indemnify and hold the market, Frank & Ernest Foods and Minneapolis Craft Market, and Wagners Garden Center, and the business and property owners where Plate & Parcel is located harmless against any claims for such injury, theft, or damage. 

•    Any perceived and/or actual vendor behavior that may be charged either criminally and/or civilly under Minnesota State Statute will result in immediate termination. Behaviors, include but are not limited to; theft, threats of violence, stalking, or any person or property based crimes. This policy applies to vendors and/or affiliated staff and/or their associated guests. 

•    Price, terms of sale, etc. are solely between buyer and vendor.



Location: Wagners Garden Center & Greenhouse

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 1.26.01 PM.png



  • The stalls are approximately 8' x 4'. 

  • These stalls are ideal for vendors that will be sampling product, and must be behind a table. 

  • A 2' bench is located at the rear of each stall and can be used by the vendor to store extra merchandise. 

STALLS 27- 39, 46, & 53-69 \ CRAFT VENDORS \ BAY 2

  • The stalls are approximately 8' x 4'. 

  • These stalls are ideal for vendors that want to avoid bringing tables, as each has a built in bench. 

  • Benches are located in each stall. Vendors use these benches in lieu of a table. 


  • These stalls are exclusive to vendors that require more space, and/or have electrical needs. These stalls include both a front and back, and are a bit larger than the other stalls. 

  • We ask these vendors to situate every other, e.g. the first vendor faces to the north, the next vendor in the line up faces to the south. This allows for lines to form without obstructing their neighboring vendor.

  • The stalls are approximately 7' x 7'. 

  • We suggest that these vendors bring a table or two (the 2' in width are preferable) - and remain flexible to make the best use of this space.



  • The stalls are approximately 8' x 4'. 

  • These stalls are ideal for vendors that will be sampling product, and must be behind a table. 

  • A 2' bench is located at the rear of each stall and can be used by the vendor to store extra merchandise. 

  • Please note, Bay 4 is closed in Mid December. Vendors with regular assignments here will be re-located at that time. 




Vendors that selected for a full season (Sat & Sun, Nov - Dec) and/or those that took most/all Saturdays or Sundays receive assigned, regular placement from day to day. 

All other vendors are assigned first come, first placed by management upon their arrival at the site.