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Now Offering: an Online Farmers' Market and Modern Buying Club

for the Twin Cities with Contact-Free Pick Up or Delivery

Long time farmers' market managers, Frank & Ernest Markets, have created a one-stop, all-local online grocery shop, with prepared foods and ingredients direct from your favorite Twin Cities farmers, restaurants and food makers. This is akin to an Etsy style purchasing site, where sellers list their own products. F&E Markets is warehouse-less and carries no inventory, we are now offering a a hybrid contact-free delivery service, where customer purchases are collated and brought directly from the market to customer's homes or apartment buildings. A modern-day buying club, so to speak.
Although this a new way to purchase and receive delivery of hundreds of local foods, household and healthcare products, all your favorites are here and come directly from the growers and food makers personally. Sweet corn and berries from Southern Minnesota, wild rice from the Boundary Waters, and ready-to-eat foods from Twin Cities restaurants, and so much more. 
F&E is now offering a hybrid contact-free delivery service, where customer purchases are collated and brought directly from the market to customer's homes or apartment buildings. A modern-day buying club, so to speak. Are you interested in hosting an F&E drop? Can your friends, family and neighbors achieve a minimum number of 15+ orders each week, or every two weeks? Your condo, neighborhood or senior living community, could be a great location to receive local feel good foods. 
F&E SELLERS are all local, small family-owned businesses, and include the following categories: 
  • packaged food and beverages. 
  • growers of plants. 
  • community supported farm shares. 
  • baked goods, breads, pastries, pies and custom cakes. 
  • wild-caught seafood, meats, eggs, cheese, beans and vegan proteins.
  • bone broth, flours, oils, nuts, butters and pastas.
  • condiments, hot sauces, salts, spices and rubs.
  • frozen, catered and take-n-bake foods. 
  • pet foods and treats. 
  • health, home and/or body care products. 
  • and much more.​
  • a robust online grocery marketplace for secure credit card transactions. 
  • professional, on-time delivery services to well communicated, and centralized drop sites. 
  • organization of orders, with reminders and email notifications. 
  • centralized drop sites, with contact-free drive-through pick-up, in some cases. 
  • curation of seasonal goods and foods ideal for meeting the nutritional needs of your household. 
  • Having a direct connection to your growers and food makers. 
  • Supporting a robust local food-shed  that bypasses mainstream distribution networks, and in some cases allows for a more secure one.
  • As all our foods are listed by and delivered directly from the makers and growers themselves, you are helping them skip the middle man, and the associated costs.
  • F&E does not warehouse or hold inventory of any kind, we simply provide the site, the promotion and the organizational direction to bring you these local foods - allowing us to specialize and focus on serving our seller and customer needs. 
  • Supporting local small family owned companies. 
  • Keeping local dollars in our community. According to American Express Card Services, "when buying from local businesses, every dollar spent 67 cents stays in the local community. Of that 67 cents, 44 cents go to the owner and employees in the form of wages and benefits, while 23 cents are reinvested in other local businesses."
  • High quality, carefully packaged and thoughtfully produced fruits, vegetables, pastries and more provided to a centralized drop site. 
  • Safely receiving foods during these COVID times. 
Specialty packages may be available to meet the dynamic needs of multi-family living communities, neighborhoods or groups seeking exclusive products, like only vegan items. Opportunities, include, but are not limited to: 
  • Election to receive your orders during a special day and time. 
  • A custom offering of sellers and products specific to meeting dietary or lifestyle needs. 
  • Creating custom produce or protein boxes ideal for click and go online ordering. 
  • In some cases, we do institute a small service charge to cover costs for protective gear for our team, product packaging, transportation and administration. This are all negotiated ahead of time, and paid by the buyer at the time of checkout (akin to an Instacart fee). 
We are currently offering drop days on Sunday mornings (South Metro), Tuesday (Western Metro) and Thursday afternoons/evenings (Downtown Mpls). If you are interested in securing a drop outside of these areas, please email
1. To register your interest, and offer this as a service to your community, please complete this form and pay our annual membership fee of just $30 (in July). With it, comes a cadre of tools and services to begin reaching out to your fellow residents, friends, family and neighbors. Along, with a portfolio of quick-to-use, customized graphics, and an online market page specific to your community. It's from this page you and your friends will place and pay for your orders.
2. After we receive your form, we will be in touch! This is when the curation gets good! We will work with sellers to create product listings ideal for your community, and develop your order site. 
3. In just a few days, your F&E site will be ready for you. Then you'll place your order, sit back and wait for your feel good foods to arrive!
If you have questions about this online marketplace, please email