With a new drop day added in NE Mpls, customers are showing confusion about how to receive products. We have steps to avoid missed sales. Sellers are required to complete these steps after they've registered for DROP DAYS.

RULE OF THUMB: Review your product listings from the viewpoint of a customer. Does your listing describe how and when the customer will receive the product? If customers are confused on this important detail, they won't purchase your products. We suggest including your email address in your listings for ease of communication with customers.

DROP DAY INFO: If you sell something during the order window (it may vary by location), you’ll need to bring that product to the Drop Site. For info on order windows, packaging and drop off, see this site > This page is available via your SELLER ACCOUNT.

FIRST: Once you've registered using the form on this site, go to your SELLER ACCOUNT and add your products to the Drop Day Collection. COLLECTIONS are listed on the far right side of each Edit Product page. See below. Select each date you've registered for. You must do this for every product listing.

SECOND: After you've noted your COLLECTIONS, you will need to identify your locations and turn on the configuration for Store Pick Up and/or Doorstep Delivery.

THIRD: identify the locations that your products will be available for pick up. Click on the CONFIGURATION pulldown. Select LOCATIONS. Then ADD LOCATION on the upper right hand side of the screen. Follow the below image EXACTLY when completing your locations. This may seem unusual, but given our unique model it's important to be clear with customers about their options.

FOURTH: Click on the CONFIGURATION pulldown. This is located on your SELLER ACCOUNT menu. Then click STORE PICK UP CONFIGURATION. Turn on WANT STORE PICK UP.

+ If you only have certain products available for pick up, then CONFIGURE FOR SPECIFIC PRODUCT.

+ If you offer both Delivery and Pick Up, select for STORE PICK UP & DELIVERY. Then at CUSTOMER OPTION FOR PRODUCT, select the option you'd like customers to first see at your product listing page. Most sellers use ALL PRODUCT.

+ If you want to manage product inventory by location, then turn on USE LOCATION FOR PRODUCT. For instance, this would allow the seller to have 20 items available at one market, and 30 available at another market. Please note, for those sellers with many products, this can be an onerous option.

FIFTH: DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. Additionally, we require use of the DELIVERY DETAILS at the EDIT PRODUCT Page to clarify how customers will receive your products.

If you plan to deliver via Doorstep Delivery or Shipping, you can use this text box to clarify your days and times customers can expect to receive product.

If you are using DROP DAYS, in this box please type "Purchase before Thursday for Saturday or Sunday Pick Up | Select Site & Day Below."

FINALLY: Look at your listings, and again ask "Does this listing make it clear how and when my customers will receive my product?" If not, go back over steps one thru five.

TO CONFIRM: With our pick up days, we've a 91% customer return rate from week to week, and an average sale of $65 per customer order.

If you've listed your products online, and gotten nothing in terms of sales, and aren't participating in our Drop Days - the below numbers will tell you why. Common themes we've heard from our best customers, who are heavy users of our pick up locations, and haven't selected for Doorstep Delivery or Shipping:

  • "Don't want to purchase $5 from one seller, and expect them to come to me."

  • "Understand that small businesses are short on resources, they don't need me to mess that up."

  • "Orders stacked up at my door are a security risk. I've lost packages before."

  • "Delivery and shipping fees can be too much."

  • "I like to get everything at once. Getting packages over several days can be frustrating."

  • "Buy once, put it away once, and eat for weeks."

If this isn't enough - hearing from retail experts may do it. We've pasted the below statistics to get you off the "Drop Day" fence. The below is from, read the whole article here >>

BOPIS Performance In The Retail Market

BOPIS has been a popular and successful offering among both retailers and shoppers, and we have the numbers to prove it. Check out these numbers highlighting how customers are using BOPIS and what retailers can do to take advantage of this shifting behavior.

1. Over 40% of shoppers use BOPIS during holidays.

We all know it’s both the most wonderful and busiest time of the year. That’s why it’s no surprise that shoppers are taking advantage of BOPIS to get their holiday shopping done as quickly and efficiently as possible. If a customer can browse for gifts from the comfort of their home and skip the crowded lines, you better believe they’ll be using BOPIS to get in and out of the store.

2. 68% of surveyed US shoppers made multiple BOPIS purchases.

With so many repeat BOPIS customers, it’s a sure sign that once shoppers try and experience the convenience of selecting BOPIS as their fulfillment option, they’ll keep coming back again. In fact, 50% of respondents said they have decided where to shop online based on whether or not they could pick up in-store.

3. 48% of surveyed shoppers used BOPIS to counter shipping fees.

Have you ever started a purchase online only to see that the shipping isn’t free? This almost always steers people away from checking out. In fact, 65% of consumers also say they look up the free-shipping thresholds before adding items to their online carts. That’s why BOPIS is a great way for both customers and retailers to save time and money.

4. 83% of those who have used BOPIS pick up at the cash register.

Although BOPIS customers opt to pick up their items in-store, the options of where in the store they can pick up their items are growing and according to NRF, 63% of respondents say they would like to be able to use curbside pickup and 56% want merchandise delivered to the trunk of their cars.

Why Customers are Choosing BOPIS

Customers are looking for a shopping experience that is convenient, but also saves them time and money.

1. No shipping fees.

Unless a retailer offers free shipping, it can be significantly more expensive for customers to have items shipped to their door. As an alternative, customers can save both money and time by picking up their order in store rather than paying $3+ to ship a single item. At the same time, they can still enjoy the benefits of easy online ordering.

2. Quicker service.

If customers need an item immediately, it’s much faster to order an in-stock item online and have it ready for pickup in an hour than it is to wait two days or longer for an Amazon delivery. Getting items in the hands of the customer fast is essential, and BOPIS can offer exactly that.

3. In-stock Insurance.

BOPIS serves as a kind of insurance that the item customers want is 100% at the store of their choice when it’s ready for pickup. The last thing a consumer wants is to purchase an item through the app selecting a BOPIS fulfillment option, only to arrive at the store and find out the product is not available or has been substituted for something else.

We know this may be confusing to new sellers. This was confusing to us at first, too. Here are the tools we've been provided via this application.

+ the ability to select rates based on product price, size

The below is a step-by-step to select your type and set ranges for shipping. We've also included info on how to print mailing labels.

OVERVIEW: We have defaults of "Marketplace Shipping," "Free Shipping" and "Free Pick Up." These are the configurations most often used by sellers (cottage food Makers are disallowed from shipping products).

For instance, if you'd prefer not to set the shipping method separately for your products, then you can select "Marketplace Shipping" as the default. Enabling "Marketplace Shipping" this allows sellers to tap into set rates as negotiated by Shopify. These rates are then tallied automatically when the customer includes their shipping address at the point of checkout.  

Finally, regardless of the configuration you set (by following the below directions), we suggest going to the customer marketplace, adding your own product to the cart and then navigating to checkout to see if the rates make sense with your costs.

TIP: If you are new to shipping, we suggest using USPS, and the freely provided shipping boxes to get started.

Quick Steps

Now, the sellers will set the country-wise/zone wise shipping rates on the basis on Price or Weight of the product.

Zone wise shipping

  • Sellers will first create the shipping ranges.

  • Select the zone (added by the admin).

  • Set the zone wise shipping rates based on the price or weight of the products.

By going to the Shipping Configuration menu of the seller panel, the seller will have the marketplace shipping option in the listing.

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